is your heart cold?

it won't beat for me.

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Wonderful and quote-worthy:
right as he’s about to slink off to hide in the stacks, a bundle of yellow, Polo and Old Spice is accosting him.
OMG I feel like I'm in college again (I did work in the library, after all).

He creeps on me for a week and then uses academic probation as an excuse to molest my feet. Not really a turn-on.
Foot molesting. Brilliant.

I can’t tell if that’s homophobic or just stupid,” Kibum replies slowly.

“Maybe both?”

Snarky Key and helpful Taemin. Oh, yeah.

Jinki has the bigger bedroom, but Kibum has the bigger closet.
I just want to read so much into this little line. Yes, Dubulge, I'm talking about you!

The characterizations are great. I love Key's potty mouth!

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OMG I'm gonna cry because of the happiness I feel right now, how I missed this kind of stories ;____________;
I know that most of the readers comment only on the 2nd part, but gosh, there's so many things quote-worthy that I just can't hold back!

"but he really doesn’t get why he hangs out with Minho. Or why Minho hangs out with Taemin. Or why Minho exists, actually. He’s told Minho all of this before. Minho didn’t respond."
EPIC. E-P-I-C. Will be quoted in my diary *_*

“I have this paper due soon on, um, French Modernists?"
Oh God I love you, French Modernists are my obsession .____.

“I swear to god, if you ever pull anything like this again you are not getting a Christmas present.
I can totally picture Kibum saying something like this to Taemin xDD

"I mean, there is a certain amount of lust in that crush but, it’s only like, 40 percent of it.” He pauses. “Okay, 45.”
You just can't not love Jjong, seriously XDD

" He swipes his tongue against his bottom lip, softly, slowly, and watches Kibum swallow. His eyes are hooded."
Damn, he's such a tease > <"

"His torso is awkwardly stretched, and his legs are too short. He’s let his hair grow too long and he’s starting to suspect his nose will never not be a little crooked. He’s not handsome; he’s not pretty, he’s not graceful. He’s just this average, bitchy econ major who doesn’t have anything to offer a guy like Kim Jonghyun."
It's probably the first time I see Kibum that sees himself like this. That somehow makes me think.

Gosh, I'd love to quote just the whole thing, it's so awesome!!! > <

There's so many things i could say about this that i don't have time so i'm just gonna come back later
but this part:

“No, I mean, I definitely go for the cock,” says Jonghyun, voice deepening a little on the last word, “but you... man, you go for the cock. You know?”

PRICELESS. How do you do this dear, how?

omg this is comedy gold! I love these kinds of personalities that shinee portrays XD

This is PRICELESS. I love it already.
I'm anxiously waiting for the 2nd part!

LKQSFJQKLDFJQDKLFJQDMKLFJQDMFLJD I'm in the middle of reading, but I already love it now so .
lulz brb reading ... :D


was a masterpiece.

can't wait for the next part

i love this so much... ide-... like, I just want to quote everything you wrote because it's just so funny.

the pick up lines in the beginning nearly killed me! they were so hilarious... omgosh, i just cant even explain ughh, this is so awesome. I love your writing style. It's just so fun to read and I cant skim this even if I wanted to! too interesting. :D

leaning back as though the force of his enthusiasm has propelled him backwards
this is the apex of great writing right here.

there's so much more I want to say about that beauty that is this fic....but....

off to read part 2

god. bickering minkey. i enjoyed that so much.
and damn!! jonghyun is so cute,
key is so damn adorable. little shit taem. everthing is perfect

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